Kirsten Jackson is a Melbourne based artist who began painting as a child and studied visual Arts at RMIT. Creating paintings is a part of Kirsten’s everyday life.
Kirsten has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of acrylic and oil paining with her love of textures and “unpredictable , almost “accidental” forms, using multiple layering techniques, translucent glazes and color vanishes. “My main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and harmony that exists in the inter-relationship of color, composition and form. I love to work intuitively using the language of color , light and texture to produce art that pushes, pulls, pulses and speaks fluently to the senses.
When not painting Kirsten pursues her other passions. Spending time with her family and running along the beach trails in Melbourne’s bayside area and training for marathons!
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'I LOVE YOU MORE', 103x103cm! (SOLD)