Bergamot Home Essentials


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Using the finest essential oils, these sets will ensure your home and body smell sublime all Summer!

We call the Linen Spray the “Essential Home Companion”! Why? Because it can basically be used everywhere in your home. Spray it on your scatter cushions, sofa, bed linen and curtains to freshen them up, use it as an ironing aid or spray it on your pillow for a restful slumber. It can be used as a room deoderiser and you can even spray it in your hair to give it a scented pick me up. Oh, and don’t forget your pooch! Our puppies love it and leaves their coat smelling and feeling delicious. 

The Liquid Foaming Soap will leave your hands feeling clean and beautifully fragrant, but not dry. It contains ingredients sourced from the Guar Bean, which is highly conditioning and will leave your skin feeling velvety and nourished. This soap is so luxurious and gentle, you can use it all over your body, in fact, you can even use it on your precious baby. 

Size - 500 ml