Blue Wash Utensil Holder

Blue Wash Utensil Holder

Use to corral kitchen utensils on the bench top in style or as a modern vase or planter. This cylindrical earthenware pieces is handmade and features a timeless and sophisticated indigo blue wash glaze effect on the exterior.

Length/Max Diameter (cm):14Height (cm):14

Handle with care
As with all ceramics, our items are breakable, too. So, please, always handle them with great care.

Our ceramic kitchen and table ware is food safe
Our glazed ceramic table and kitchen ware is food safe and can be used for the storage of food items. Please, do only use our ceramic for their intended purpose only. If you are in doubt of an item’s intended use, please contact us.

Ceramics vases and vessels hold water
Our ceramics vases and vessels hold water well. However, when water remains inside the vessel for an extended period of time (2 weeks or longer), the inside of the vessel may become porous and may cause the vessel to leak. To avoid water marks on furniture, etc. we recommend placing a saucer underneath the vessel.

Lift before moving ceramic items on delicate surfaces
Only very few of our ceramic items are fitted with felt ‘feet’, which can prevent scratching on delicate surfaces when moved. Therefore, we recommend to lift items up when moving them from one spot to another. Always place ceramic items with great care onto delicate surfaces.