Brightening Face Spritz


Your one-way ticket to illumination nation

A brightening face spritz to help pump-up-the-glow on the run!

Our brightening face mist is designed to breathe life back into your face with a burst of vitamin-C and trace B vitamins which protect skin against oxidation while adding moisture. The gentle exfoliating properties of pineapple enzymes help to brighten and smooth complexion and stimulate collagen product, for that fresh, just-had-a-facial look. Perfect to keep your kisser looking fresh while on the go.

Solutions for:

- Dullness and uneven skin texture

- Brightening your complexion


50ml | 1.69 fl oz

How To Use:

Hold pump away from face, close your eyes and mist 3-4 pumps of this beauty onto your face when you need instant illumination and a collagen boost. A light spray prior to applying moisturiser or during the day helps revitalise your fresh look.

  • Features: 100% natural, alcohol free, paraben free, cruelty free, vegan friendly

    Full Ingredients list:

    Citrus grandis seed extract, cucumis sativus fruit water, purified water, ananas sativus fruit extract