Cedrus Diffuser


CEDRUS: A very light scent making this the perfect meditation scent.

Excellent choice for those that feel "head-achy" or can be overwhelmed by fragrance as the CEDRUS scent throw is very subtle.

Experience: Calm. Grounding. Assurance. Get Zen and unfurl mind & body, or set a mood of confidence with a relaxed, tranquil vibe.

Escape to old growth cedar-wood forests, the scent of timber and earth in the air with the warmth of sweet resin rising.

Scent Notes;

  • Top: Florals – harmonious and fragrant
  • Heart: Sandalwood – comforting and inviting with its sturdy and rich notes, and a long lingering scent
  • Base: Amber – The earth note, uplifts with sweet, resinous, warm tones

Solutions for:

Elevate and transform any space with our Room Scent Diffusers. The luxurious way to continually scent a room. Throws continuous scent to freshen & create balance and understated luxury in your favourite spaces & wellness world.

Size & how long will my diffuser last?

150mL | 5.07 fl oz

Please note the oils inside the vessel will fill to the half-way mark as the vessel used for this range is tall and not squat. You should get at least 6 months use from these oils.


  • No. Ordinary. Fragrance.
  • Infused with the finest botanical fragrance oils, Babe premium room diffusers are perfect for throwing continuous scent in your space.
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia

How to use and prepare:

Unscrew lid of room diffuser bottle and replace with diffuser collar provided. Place reeds inside solution. Fragrance will soak into reeds and make its way through the reeds and into atmosphere within a couple of hours. Turn reeds upside down every other week.


  • The below instructions are here to guide you to get the maximum enjoyment from your scent diffuser. Babe does not accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the misuse of its products.
  • Do not swallow, keep away from heat, sparks and flame. No smoking, open flames or sources of ignition in handling and storage area. Do not pour contents into stormwater drains or onto soil.
  • Babe products are used at your own risk.