Drifter Knit, Buff

$65.00 $89.95

Give your winter look that element of fun and vibrance with our limited edition Drifter Knit, featuring a beautiful tie-dye effect that will give you a carefree wanderlust vibe. This handcrafted knit has a unique pattern, and no two are alike. Elevate your winter look by pairing this funky style with your favourite jeans and sneakers.

Please Note:

This is a limited edition handcrafted item: Tie-dye garments are like snowflakes - no two are the same. These garments are sectioned, tied off by hand and immersed into a dye. Once rested and washed, they are untied to reveal a one of a kind pattern and design.

Variations that may occur - different sized patches, specks throughout the garment, positioning of the design may differ 


100% Cotton

Size & Fit
One size fits most 

Measurements (cm) ONE SIZE
LENGTH (from shoulder to hem) 65
1/2 CHEST 86
1/2 HEM 80