Essential Large Oval Vase Grey


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Essential Large Oval Vase Grey

The largest in the essential series, this piece is designed to hold large leaves and arrangements. Sunflowers or king proteas that need a solid and handsome partner to come to life…and not topple over.

Length/Max Diameter (cm):16 Height (cm):32

Gallery Pottery vases and vessels hold water
Our Gallery Pottery vases and vessels hold water well. However, when water remains inside the vessel for an extended period of time (2 weeks or longer), the inside of the vessel may become porous and may cause the vessel to leak. To avoid water marks on furniture or any other surface, we recommend placing a saucer underneath the vessel.

Rare and maybe uniquely imperfect
All our Gallery Pottery products are part of a small quantity of hand-made vases and vessels. In fact, for quite a few of our designs we have only a 100 or less pieces made. And no two items are the same! This means you accept (and, we hope, appreciate) when they come with a little imperfection. It’s part of the item’s unique character. That said, we demand a high standard of quality for all our signature Gallery Pottery items. So, if an item is not in perfect condition, please talk us or you find more information in our terms & conditions.

The effect of “micro-cracks” may be part of the design
The glaze or finish of some of our Gallery Pottery vases may appear to include multiple “micro-cracks”. This is part of the design. Please, choose carefully when you buy our Gallery Pottery vases that you like and appreciate this effect. If you doubt about the vase or vessel to be damaged when it arrives at your home, please contact us immediately.