Minimal: For Simple and Sustainable Living


A stylish and inspiring guide for living a happier life in balance with the natural world.

Minimal: For Simple and Sustainable Living offers readers inspiration and tools to embrace simple living and create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. From advice on home decorating and decluttering, easy-to-follow recipes for making your own cosmetics and cleaning products, and tips for shopping sustainably, composting, and restoring old furniture, Minimal provides a host of small but powerful ways to live a more balanced life while being good to the planet.

About the Authors

Stephanie Mandrea and Laurie Barrette are the founders of the Montreal-based eco-brand Dans le Sac, which makes reusable and sustainable products that can be easily incorporated into daily life. Their goal is to make a difference by proposing simple, effective solutions that respect our health and that of our planet. Since its inception, Dans le sac has become a YouTube channel, an online store, and an incredible web platform for new discoveries and inspirations of the moment. Minimal: For Simple and Sustainable Living is their first book.