Oud Fragrances


Awaken your senses and refresh the air. Perfect for bathrooms, room fragrances offer a delightful hit of gorgeous fragrance that will transform any space. Featuring Babe's seductive range of scents, these room sprays are an instant makeover for the air.

  • Diffuser: 150ml
  • Room Spray: 100ml

Be swept away into the deep, smoky nights of the Middle East, the textures and sounds of the souk tingling and alighting all your senses.


  • Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
  • Heart: Anise – herbaceous, candied spice
  • Base: Oud and Amber – deep and balanced, luxurious resinous, sweet and fragrant heartwood 

      No. Ordinary. Fragrance. 

      Made in Melbourne, Australia