Room Sprays


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Awaken your senses and refresh the air. Perfect for bathrooms, room sprays offer a delightful hit of gorgeous fragrance that will transform any space. Featuring Babe's seductive range of scents, these room sprays are an instant makeover for the air.


SANTALUM - SENSUOUS. SOPHISTICATED. ANIMALIC. Don’t be shocked if you grunt or growl when burning this heady one Babe!  Perfect while entertaining your guests - or lover, over lingering cocktails and dinner


  • Top: Grapefruit – A zesty and fresh introduction to the heart and base notes 
  • Heart: Spice & Ylang-Ylang – erotic and narcotic with thrilling sharpness
  • Base: Wood and Animal – deep, earthy and powerful, animalistic

CEDRUS - CALM. GROUNDING. ASSURANCE. Get Zen and unfurl mind and body, or set a mood of confidence with a relaxed, tranquil vibe. Escape to old growth cedar-wood forests, the scent of timber and earth in the air with the warmth of sweet resin rising.


  • Top: Florals – harmonious and fragrant
  • Heart: Sandalwood – comforting and inviting with its sturdy and rich notes, and a long lingering scent
  • Base: Amber – The earth note, uplifts with sweet, resinous, warm tones

OUD - LUXURIOUS. ENCHANTING. BALANCED. Be swept away into the deep, smoky nights of the Middle East, the textures and sounds of the souk tingling and alighting all your senses.


  • Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
  • Heart: Anise – herbaceous, candied spice
  • Base: Oud and Amber – deep and balanced, luxurious resinous, sweet and fragrant heartwood 

ROSA - FORBIDDEN. SEDUCTIVE. TEMPTING. Meet our dirty rose. She’s a little minx and will lead you into temptation. Developed to set a mood where anything is possible! 


  • Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
  • Heart: Rose & Clove – heady, warm and aromatic
  • Base: Sandalwood & Amber – sturdy, wood, rich, sweet, resinous, warm tones